About CedarVilla Angus Farms

Our Products

Black Angus

  • naturally fed on Pasture, Hay and Mixed Grains
  • custom cuts and orders for your freezer

Pork Products

  • locally born weaners raised in non-crowded, loose housing and fed without growth hormones
  • custom cuts and orders for your freezer


  • raised in a loose housing environment
  • non medicated
  • frozen for your freezer

Your Farmers

Paul and Timothy Klopp. Fifth and Sixth Generation Father & Son farming together between Lake Huron and the Village of Zurich in Southwestern Ontario.

We’re working with the land and our animals to produce high quality products.

Healthy Animals--> Natural Nutrients to the Soil-->Healthy Pasture and Land-->Productive Forage and Cash Crops

The cycle of producing our quality products for you!