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CedarVilla Farms provides you with our home grown, custom wrapped angus beef, pork, chicken and brown eggs. Come see where your food comes from. Everyone can have their own farmer!

CedarVilla Products are available straight from The Farm All Year-Round OR as a one stop shop at Local Farmers Markets, and Masse Fruit and Vegetables in St. Josephs (Both Seasonal – May to October)

Grand Bend: Wednesdays in The Colonial Parking Lot, May-October. 8am-1pm

Bayfield: Fridays in Clan Gregor Square, May-October. 3pm-7pm

Goderich:: Saturdays on the Square, May – October. 8am – 1pm
Visit us on Facebook for our the dates we’ll be at the Goderich Market


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Bulk Orders

Side of Beef
– approx. 230 lbs. dressed weight (fits in 4 milk crates) $3.00/lb + processing
Hind Quarter of Beef
– (more steaks) $3.55/lb
Front Quarter of Beef
– (more roasts & burger) $2.80/lb

Side of Pork
– approx. 95 lbs. dressed weight (fits in 2 milk crates) $1.00/lb + processing

– 50 – 120lbs dressed weight $100 flat rate + butchering (approx. $35)
– 120lbs or more $1.00/lb + butchering (approx. $35)

Whole Chicken (Frozen)
– $3.85/lb (vary in size from 4-9lbs)
Half Chickens (Frozen)
– $4.40/lb (vary in size from 2-3lbs)

Brown Eggs
– $4.00 per dozen

Gourmet Goulash made by Frank at Hessenland Inn with Cedar Villa Beef and Bacon
 – $9.50 per container (450 ml)

From our Freezer, to Your Table:

T-Bone Steak $11.00/lb
Strip Loin Steak $13.00/lb
Rib Eye Steak $14.00/lb
Sirloin Steak $9.00/lb
Tenderloin $20.00/lb
Porterhouse $11.50/lb
Flank Steaks $9.99/lb
Hamburger $5.00/lb
Hamburger Patties $5.50/lb
Brisket $5.50/lb
Stewing Beef $6.99/lb
Roasts – Steak Roast Rump Roast Sirloin Tip Roast Inside Round Roast Eye of Round Roast Short Rib Roast $5.99/lb
Blade Roast $5.00/lb
Prime Rib Roast $10.00/lb
Beef Ribs $5.00/lb
Sausage Coil $4.40/lb
Sausage Links $4.85/lb
Sausage Patties $5.40/lb
Ground Pork $4.00/lb
Smoked Pork Chops $5.50/lb
Pork Chops $4.25/lb
Bacon $6.50/lb
Peameal Bacon $7.00/lb
Smoked Ham Roast $5.00/lb
Pork Ribs $4.00/lb
Tenderloin $6.00/lb
Leg Roast $4.00/lb
Shoulder Roast $4.00/lb
Breakfast Sausage $5.25/lb


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